Flocktime 26, Waterday, Year 576 of the Third Age

Odin’s Journal

That wretched thief, he not only wronged me he wronged Tyr. Stealing is indeed wrong, I could turn a blind eye if the one being stolen from was a heathen or if the thief had to steal out of desperation. To not only steal from a follower of Tyr but also many others with not even a hint of repent, I cannot forgive such a man. Even though his body lies mangled within the Mountain Tigers Den, I cannot forget this sin unless my holy sword sinks through that man’s cold flesh.

While the others rested on the mountain ledge I kept my vigilance on the Mountain Tiger Den. I cannot let a montain tiger run off with that thief mangled remains… atleast not until my blade tastes his blood… atleast not until Tyr delivers justice onto this man. Unfortunately before the sun was able to rise, footsteps causing the ground to tremble woke my comrades up. We ran off the ledge and into the Mountain valey where we were attacked. After a fierce battle we were able to slay 3 of them. A giant from the distance started to approach us so we decided to hide in the cave. Within the cave i found that mans remains, i sunk my sword into him. At last the shame this man brought upon me, brought upon Tyr is finally gone. I can at last show my face among my fellow followers of Tyr with my head held high. After confiscating the stolen goods we exit the cave.


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