A Thief's Escape but A Tiger's Meal

Flocktime 25, Godsday, Year 576 of the Third Age

Aurora’s Notebook

- We walked to the path where we met the giants and there we found a heavily injured man in our path claiming that he was being chased and he was trying to deliver a letter. I felt that it was strange and did not believe the stranger and I was weary of him, but the others decided he was trustworthy and followed him as he led us to another path since he could not go pass the giants. He claimed that bandits are after his life and he mustn’t stay still for too long or he’ll be caught.

- As we walked down the mountain going to the fork on the road we saw a group in the distance running to us and immediately the man jumped down the cliff and started climbing down leaving us baffled. Odin ran to the group and spoke to them.

- It turns out my suspicion was correct. The man was a thief and stole something valuable from the group of travellers. After checking all our items if they were secure. Odin was enraged when he found out the thief stole his gold coins as a hole was left in his coin bag. He took Chris with him on his horse and rode ahead trying to catch the thief while Liam and I ran after them.

- After finally catching up to them two people from the group of travellers ran out of a cave scared and given up retrieving their stolen item. It appears that the rest of the travellers met a devastating end from the mountain tigers.

- Odin unable to give up until he can bring the end of the thief’s life with his own hands insisted we stay camp outside the mountain tigers den.

- Why is this dwarf so insistent on ending the thief’s life when it’s clear whoever entered the mountain tigers den is as good as dead…


OrangeHop SilvaKitsune

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