A Transparent Journey

Wealsun 9, Sunday, Year 576 of the Third Age

Odin’s Journal

After entering the room where the 2 mechanical wyvern resided, we found 3 potions. After reading the text on the table, we came to the conclusion that we must drink them in order to pass. Chris, Liam and I each decided to consume one of them in hopes of venturing further into the ruin. I decided consuming the clear one, my vision turned blue and everyone around me disappeared. The only thing in this space was the 5 headed dragon etched onto the cast iron door. It greeted me with a roar. I approached the door and I somehow Fazed through it. Passed the door i was greeted with a forge which seemed to be well kept, with schematics laying about. Further into the forge were 3 doors, a freezing cold door to the left, a warm one to the right and a door guarded by a mechanical dragon head in the middle.

I tried to communicate with my companions but there was no success. The mechanical dragon head suddenly spoke giving me quite the scare. After conversing with it appears that the so called ruin’s we were in is in fact Tiamat’s Fore created by a twisted dwarf known as Bromire who was a worshiper of the evil dragon known as Tiamat. After conversing with the head for a while and seeing no answers from my companions on the other side of the door, I decided to open the freezing door in hopes of finding something that could open the door for my companions but instead I Found 5 frozen adventures clawing at the door. I dragged them out into the forge and ignited the furnace. After their bodies thaw, I will search through their bodies in hopes of finding some adventure log’s.

Tyr seems to be smiling upon me, not only did I find a beautifully crafted battle hammer, I was able to recover what remains of their adventure log. It states the how they cleared the traps and that the white potion is the correct one, the potions also replenish every hour. After seeing this i write a note and slip it outside in hopes of informing my companions about my findings.


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