The Three Drinks: Life, Death and Truth

Wealsun 9, Sunday, Year 576 of the Third Age

Aurora’s Notebook

- After a short rest we ventured deeper into the ruins. There we found three cups containing three different liquids and on the walls were three dragons. One cup will give life, one will give death, and the last one was truth. After a while of talking among ourselves Odin drinks the clear liquid that appeared to be truth and he disappeared into the wall. With no idea what has happened. I challenged the rest of them to drink the other two. I didn’t know why I didn’t disclose the information that one of them could lead to their death but I lied and told them it was a lies. At the end I drank the one that gave life and I fainted. The next moment when I woke up a white dragon appeared.

- He was fairly young and after some talking he took both Liam an I to find food. He was strangely attached to Liam, or more like he was extremely interested in eating him but I told the dragon Giants may be a better meal fit for him. As he has never seen them he was excited to have us lead him to some giants. During the flight I spotted an orc camp and told the dragon to try eating some orcs first. We landed and the dragon started feasting on some orcs. The orcs saw Liam and I as enemies and ran at us immediately. We successfully defended ourselves and the dragon took us in his pack.

- We than led him to the giants that prevented us from going pass them. The dragon ate one and the giants put up a fight against the dragon. At the end the giants lost but the dragon suffered from grave injuries.

- He flew us back to the dungeon as he went to take some rest in the mountain. We went back into the dungeon and noticed Chris was also gone and a note was left for us to drink the clear liquid. I drank half the cup leaving the rest for Liam.

- What I saw was the dragon with the multi-heads said “Glory in Tiamat”, and I entered into the place. After some quick searching I found Chris and Odin sleeping. Chris noticed me but I told him I would explain everything to him after we have all rested as Liam will join us shortly.


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