Stone Creatures

Wealsun 7, Freeday, Year 576 of the Third Age

Aurora’s Notebook

- We continued deeper into the mountains, early in the morning we found a small giant camp and boulder blocking our path. Due to Odin’s suggestion we slowly moved the rocks away and moved pass them.

- After almost a whole day’s travel we arrived to plain with a few boulder surrounding us. Deeming it safe we decided to set up camp for the day. We were probably getting close to the ruins and I began to rest when suddenly two giant rock creatures emerged from the ground.

- The two creatures had 5 arms and a mouth on top of it’s head and a single eye. It approached Odin and gestures at his swords. The creatures began moving closer to Odin and I took a piece of chalk and tossed it at the creature. The creature wasn’t impressed and to test maybe they wanted Odin’s weapons for whatever reason. I took out one of my regular daggers and tossed it at the creatures. One of them grabbed it and ate the dagger. The creature probably wanted to eat Odin’s sword.

- Odin than got on his horse and ran away leaving us behind. The creatures were so shocked they disappeared into the ground. The scarred woman followed Odin’s lead and ran away as well following him. I sighed and looked at the camp we set up. With no choice I began packing up.

- As Chris, Liam and I were packing the stuff away one of the giant rock creatures appeared in front of Liam and began attacking him. After a while we defeated the creature and his innards spilled out revealing gems. I collected the gems and put it in my bag of holding. After I continued to pack away the items. Finally when we finished packing up and ran to the direction where Odin ran off to we saw the ranger’s panther running towards us. Than it began running towards where Odin may be.

- At the end we caught up to Odin and he fainted on the floor and the corpse of the giant rock creature as beside him. There were no gems spilled out from what I noticed. I asked the woman if she found anything in the creature but she said no. She’s probably lying, if one had gems in his stomach this one should as well. Assuming they eat stone why would one eat gems and the other not when both of them were eager to eat Odin’s sword.

- Once again we sat up a camp among the boulders. Deeming it was finally safe I finally got to sleep.


OrangeHop SilvaKitsune

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