Money is More Important than an Arm

Flocktime 19, Waterday, Year 576 of the Third Age

Aurora’s Notebook

- When approaching Gincrawl Keep a traveller was attacked by passing by bandits. They were easily slaughtered by the strange metal contraption the traveller had within in caravan. The strange metal contraption was in a shaped of a giant cat and it easily killed the bandits. The group decided to help the traveller. Using our combined strength we easily helped push the metal contraption to Gincrawl Keep.

- Due to the lack of clues regarding a certain matter the rest of the group was trying to solve they decided to help the man named Gruden to retrieve some sort of strange stone in the ruins that was located in Argent Summits. If we were able to retrieve the mysterious stone in the ruin he will offer each member of the group 1000 gold coins or we can get Liam a metal arm. It should be noted he did mention the ruins are dangerous and no one has ventured through it before. But money moves people and it definitely moves me.

- It was obvious, the choice was to get the gold over Liam’s arm. Considering I barely know this guy and I gain nothing for risking my life for him to get a metal arm.

- The chimera was also safely delivered to a man named Sir. Pendalore as he was staying at an inn called Wounded Hatchling. Odin received a magic sword from the man as a trade off for the chimera. In return the group got to split Odin’s share of gold that we got from the group of people that tried to steal our chimera a few days back.

- After everyone prepared to journey to the ruin in Argent Summits and the group excluding Chris went back to Gruden and got a compass that would lead us to the ruins.


OrangeHop SilvaKitsune

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