Meeting More Strangers

Wealsun 6, Earthday, Year 576 of the Third Age

Aurora’s Notebook

- After travelling for a few hours we spotted an orc camp ahead. We met two strangers that claimed they were sent to help us retrieve the stone in the ruins. One was a heavily scarred ranger woman with a panther while the other one was an extremely obnoxious black skinned woman. The rest of the party decided to travel with them and headed for the ruins. When the party walked towards the orc camp several orcs marched out.

- Odin talked to the orcs for a bit and was warned to be careful, since dwarves weren’t too welcomed in the orc’s territory.

- The orc also warned that an orc chief from another orc camp named Surcore is extremely hot headed and zealous. He would capture intruders and kill them without giving them a trial. Apparently the orc chief became even more zealous after speaking to a hooded woman that had horns on her head. We would know the orcs that belong to Surcore’s camp is they do not have a flag but instead put skulls on pipes.

- We also found out that there is distrust between the orcs and unrest.

- Due to dwarves being unwelcome we decided it was best for Odin to hide himself and requested him to be hooded and sit on the wagon as we venture deeper into the mountains.

- The party continue to journey up the mountains and followed the compass to the ruins. After a while we experienced heavy rain and decided to set up camp a bit earlier than expected.

- The dark skinned woman caste some sort of spell and a dome was formed around her and excluded her companion. I set up some tents and we spent the night resting.

- During the night however orcs with barrels of gun power was spotted and after conversing with them the party found out those orcs belong to Surcore instructed those orcs to deliver those barrels to a certain place. Not wanting to interfere all of us decided to continue to the ruins and not do anything to not arise suspicion.


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