Finally Reach the Ruins

Wealsun 8, Starday, Year 576 of the Third Age

Aurora’s Notebook

- After waking up the party continued to the ruins and after a few hours we finally reached the entrance of the ruins. There was a mysterious symbol and Odin told us it was a dwarven rune that warns these ruins are dangerous and if we proceed to proceed with caution.

- We spent a few hours digging and finally we sighed a hole big enough for us to crawl into.

- When I went in I was barely able to breathe, and the skeletons at the entrance was eerie and sent a chill down my spine.

- We continue the narrow hallway and triggered a few traps. After spending a few hours getting passed them we encountered two dwarf statues and one of my companions put a sword in the statue and the statue started to move and opened the door.

- A large room opened up with empty bookshelf on either side. There were two grand staircases leading to an upper floor and in the middle of the room was three pedestal.

- We ventured upstairs and saw a gate guarded by a dragon statue and we were unable to open it. Odin headed down to where the pedestal was and started to touch the runes on the pedestal. When he touched one the room was suddenly filled with light. Than we were given a riddle when he touched the next one.

- It asks “Where does the mountain’s heart lie?” Odin replied “The base”, and the bookshelf turned around revealing a metal statue on either side and slowly to proceed towards Odin. Odin touched the last pedestal and all the lights went off. After playing around with it three different questions were ask. Some way or another we figured it out and told Odin to say Tiamat.

- When he said Tiamat the dragon’s eyes light up red and the door open a bit. On the other side of the door was a narrow hallway with two metal wyverns.

- I used firebolt at the statues and nothing happens. When I used ray of frost the metal wyverns started to move towards me and attacked the group. After a horrific battle against the two metal wyverns we decided to rest up a bit before continuing down the hallway.


OrangeHop SilvaKitsune

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