To Brighton

Wealsun 2, Sunday, Year 576 of the Third Age

Aurora’s Notebook

- After suggesting it may be pointless to try to get pass the giants I suggested taking the alternate path and see if we can go around the giants. We finally arrived at Brighton and after I gathered some supplies the gnomes at the village said the most direct path to where we got to go was to go pass the giants.

- Even if we try to keep going pass Brighton it appears that it would be extremely dangerous and it would be wise to try to go pass the giants as that is a safer method. The gnome also told us that we should be careful as the Orc’s in the region are being more active lately and when we mentioned we met giants that blocked our path they were surprised as it was the first they had ever heard of the giants blocking the path.

- After a few moments of thinking I suggested why don’t we bring a wagon and Chris, Liam and I hide in the wagon as Odin’s warhorse dragged the cart claiming he was delivering goods. As the giants aren’t all too smart this idea might work. After deciding for this plan we headed back to the path where the giants were, but this time we had a plan besides offering them food.


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